Creative Organization (MNG279)

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Course goals

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”- Albert Einstein.In this module students will gain understanding, knowledge, and skills on how to drive creative and innovative behavior at work.  Students will learn, critically evaluate, and apply research driven theories to design organizational solutions with aim to empower individuals and groups develop creative capabilities in various environments.During this module students will learn and practice different methods, tools and techniques that will help them to nurture innovator’s mindset and build creative capabilities, which ultimately will substantially enhance their career prospects in any field. In this module, students will get acquainted with the concept of creativity from psychological and managerial aspects, will have the opportunity to try various creative thinking techniques, will learn to solve organizational problems using creative thinking strategies, and will have an opportunity to analyze cases of business organizations.

Course results

  • To be able to understand and explain workplace creativity theoretical frameworks and their limitations.
  • To be able to critically evaluate and apply the theoretical models of workplace challenges.
  • To be able to implement methods and tools to solve problems creatively.
  • Research a topic or problem, observe, describe, and record information accurately.
  • Communicate effectively: written and oral, as well as effective use of data, and IT.
  • Develop teamwork, creative problem solving and presentation skills.