Human Resource Management: International Approach (MNG220)

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Course goals

This course addresses both theoretical and applied aspects of economics of human resources departing from social engineering and behavioral sciences and the effect of national differences on the systems and processes associated with human resources management across national boundaries. Furthermore, Using the framework of social engineering, this course delves to explore the impact of cross-border cultural differences on IHRM practices and procedures.

Course results

  • Knowledge and its application. Describe the main HR theories and apply them to the practical issues.
  • Analysis. Analyze a socio-cultural differences as an cross-cultural social environment.
  • Research skills. Conduct the analysis of a necessity dynamics of social engineering both macro and micro level by employing data analysis frameworks.
  • Special abilities. Apply a systematic, critical and constructive thinking in problem identification and solving.
  • Social abilities. Communicate and work effectively in an intercultural and interdisciplinary group.
  • Personal abilities. Demonstrate independent learning skills necessary to continue studies on a higher level.