Organisational Behaviour (MNG107)

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Course goals

During this course students will address the key themes of the subject material as well as ethical dilemmas in organizations via theoretical study discussions in seminars. Organizational behavior module will be analyzed and discussed in three levels: individual, group, and organization. At individual level the elements of personality, social perception, learning, motivation and attitudes, theories and their application possibilities in the management of our own and other people’s working behavior will be analyzed. At group and organizational levels, the processes occurring in workgroup that influence the relationships of group members and their work results, personal and organizational means of improving group performance will be discussed. The last part is dedicated to show relations between organizational behavior and human resource management practices.

Course results

  • Knowledge and its application. Describe the main organizational behavior theories and apply them to the practical issues.
  • Analysis. Analyze a company as an integral unit, which strives for certain goals in a market and social environment.
  • Research skills. Conduct the analysis of a company internal and external situation by employing data analysis frameworks: SWOT, PESTEL, etc.
  • Special abilities. Apply a systematic, critical and constructive thinking in problem identification and solving.
  • Social abilities. Communicate and work effectively in an intercultural and interdisciplinary group.
  • Personal abilities. Demonstrate independent learning skills necessary to continue studies on a higher level.