Dr. Justina Šidlauskienė

Dr. Justina Šidlauskienė
Dr. Justina Šidlauskienė

ISM Doctoral student in Management


Justina Sidlauskiene is a Ph.D. candidate at the Management Department, ISM, and a marketing practitioner with experience in the fintech, IT, and advertising technologies industries. Prior to her doctoral studies, Justina graduated from the ISM University of Management and Economics and gained Executive Master in Management degree.Her research focuses on the role of anthropomorphic cues on consumer perceptions and behavioral decision-making in the conversational commerce context.Justina also had training in Norway (BI Norwegian Business School).Her research has been presented at 2021 AMS Virtual Annual Conference – World Marketing Congress, 2020 AMA Summer Academic Conference, and 2019 AMA Summer Academic Conference.


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