Family Business Management (MNG156)

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Course goals

The aim of the course is to:

  • Provide students with competences and specific knowledge required to manage a family business.
  • Understand the differences underlying family business as opposed to non-family business.
  • Recognize the risks and opportunities associated with this type of business.
  • Enable students to select appropriate decision-making tools for family business associated challenges and decisions.
  • Understand the diversity, complexity and significance of family businesses.

Course results

  • To define the concept of family business and be able to identify it in general business context.
  • To be able to analyze family businesses through perspectives of their specific structure, culture, characteristics, and challenges.
  • To demonstrate the understanding of internal and external drivers of family business and their environment.
  • To be able to integrate theoretical models and concepts in practical problem solving for family businesses.
  • To develop specific knowledge and competences required in family business management.
  • To develop analytical as well as systematic approach to problem solving.
  • To develop individual learning, group work and proficient communication skills in both written and verbal forms.