Financial Accounting (FIN101)

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Course goals

This course aims to provide the knowledge and practical skills required to understand and analyze a company‘s financial information. The course adopts a decision-maker perspective of accounting by emphasizing the relation between accounting data and the underlying economic events that generated them. The course focuses initially on how to record economic events in the accounting records and how to prepare and interpret the primary financial statements that summarize a firm’s economic transactions,

Course results

  • To identify the essential accounting features, goals and be able to implement them. To be able to read, understand and examine the data in the annual report, to explain the key components in the financial statements.
  • To understand accounting process and its organization procedures, to explain the difference between cash-based and accrual accounting.
  • To prepare financial statements and acquire knowledge and practical skills in keeping accounting in the companies.
  • To be able to account income, expenses, long-term and short term assets, equity, and liabilities. To apply financial statements correction factors. To be able to distinguish after-balance events and to show them in the financial statements. To record business transactions using financial accounting practices.
  • To be able to select accounting policy distinguishing all four aspects: organizational, technical, methodological, ethical.