Directed Study (MNG225)

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Course goals

  • A directed study is a research/project based course supervised by a faculty member, resulting in a report which is a written document. It offers the student an opportunity to conduct research in a specific area suggested by and under the guidance of a faculty member. The subject matter of the course may relate to the student’s research interests as well as the faculty member’s area of expertise and research inquiry.
  • This course aims to provide the student with a supervised experience that involves gaining special expertise in a certain research area, to analyse in-depth a topic in economics, politics, management or finance that is only broadly covered in the general curriculum.
  • The course is designed for both basic and applied research.
  • To enroll to the course, the average grade of the student must not be lower than 8.
  • A student may not do more than one directed study per studies period.

Course results

  • To develop academic written communication skills.
  • To develop research methods and independent study skills, which allow for the in-depth learning of self-selected topics within the area of study.
  • To develop and practice creative thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a variety of complex topics within an area of study in order to generate original ideas and products.